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Diamond Series

Equipped with 14 cooking modes, combi modes with microwave and grill Hafele's built-in Combi Microwave Ovens from our Diamond series are sure to elevate your culinary skills. Cook restaurant-like meals from the comfort of your home with this multifunctional oven, that encourages the culinary expert in you.

Now, Reimagine your daily menu with Hafele.

Combi Steam Microwave Oven

Hafele's Combi Steam Microwave Ovens allow you to cook around 4X faster than traditional cooking methods. With the ability to cook two dishes together, it saves you a lot of time. Additionally, its steam cooking feature helps the steam to penetrate deeper into food, removing excess fat and salt while locking in the beneficial nutrients.

Now, Reimagine healthy and quick cooking with Hafele.

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